Can I give my child CBD?

child CBD

Could CBD be the answer?

Top of your priority list will be the health of your child. You won’t want them to be in pain or suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. At the same time, you likely won’t feel too comfortable giving your child medication too regularly. Because of this, you might have found yourself researching CBD and whether you can give your child CBD. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you about why you might and how you can give your child CBD. 

What might CBD help my child with?

Studies into CBD are always ongoing, as even though it has been around for thousands of years, only recently has it become more mainstream. 

Will CBD get my child high?

This might be a concern once you hear that CBD comes from the cannabis plant. However, there is no need for concern as CBD contains no THC in CBD isolate and broadspectrum and just 0.2% in full-spectrum. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that can cause people to hallucinate, feel confused, giggly and even sick. 

So no, CBD will not get your child high. 

How do I give my child CBD?

cbd gummies

There are many ways to take CBD, such as tincture drops, edibles, CBD vape oil, and drinks. However, some of these methods, such as vaping, may not be suitable. We suggest CBD tincture drops administered daily, or CBD gummies

Tincture drops and gummies are easy to use and you can quite simply add it into your daily vitamin and supplement routine. 

My child is very anxious about speaking up in class, could CBD help?

One study found that CBD reduces public speaking anxiety. A group was split into two, one group were given a placebo and the other CBD, prior to a public speaking exercise. Those who had the CBD said they felt much less anxious than the placebo group. 

My child has terrible period pains, could CBD help?

CBD relaxes smooth muscle tissue, which is the type that lines the womb. When this muscle contracts during menstruation it causes pain. With CBD helping to relax this muscle it could ease the pain. Have a look at Our Remedy as a CBD for women.

My child suffers from pain, should I try CBD?

CBD is said to interact with the endocannabinoid system of the human body and the CB receptors. This interaction can change the way in which we perceive pain. 

My child has Autism, could CBD be any help? 

There has been a study in which children on the autism spectrum took CBD. there were some notable benefits reported.  54% said that their child had a more positive mood. 53% said their child was less anxious and 45% said their child was less stressed. Another benefit is better sleep and improved communication. 

My child doesn’t sleep well

CBD is said to help with sleep conditions. Poor sleep can often be down to the mind not relaxing and switching off. Cannabidiol is said to help reduce stress and help you to relax and wind down. 

Our friends over at CBDStar have a whole blog on CBD for the family and how it may help everyone, even the dog >> 

How often should I give my child CBD?

We suggest that you give your child a dose of CBD daily. The amount you give them will depend on their tolerance, so make sure you start on a low dose and build up as necessary.

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