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Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures 10ml 500mg 5%

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What type of CBD oil is ours?

Full spectrum CBD oil from CBD Dispensary comes in a 10ml amber glass dropper bottle. The 10ml CBD drops have a 5% concentration at 500mg.

All our CBD tinctures are made from highest purity CBD distillate with non detect THC. This means there is no danger of these oils having a psychoactive effect. 

How do I take CBD oil drops?

  • Pinch pipette to release any drops back into the bottle on opening
  • Insert pipette into the liquid and release the squeeze
  • Pipette will now absorb liquid into the glass vial
  • Watch how much liquid comes out per drop to understand
  • Repeat process until vial half full
  • Place pipette into mouth against your cheek or under tongue
  • Pinch squeeze grip until empty sound made
  • This should release 0.5ml 
  • Repeat process before bed

This is the suggested steps to take when first using any CBD oil. It teaches you to find the best measurement for you. A 10ml bottle applied in approximately 2 x 0.5ml doses, will last 9-10 days. For a 500mg full spectrum CBD oil, this is 50mg per day.

Users are recommended to start around the 25mg mark a day, although you may wish to increase the concentration with this 500mg bottle or 1000-2000mg CBD.

Will CBD make me high?

No, CBD won't get you high, that's because it contains no THC. That's the stuff that is found in illegal cannabis products with the intention of creating a stone effect. 

What is CBD?

Where can I learn more about CBD?

Check out our video below, from our partners at Vape and Juice TV.

For any further questions, jump into the webchat and ask about full spectrum CBD oil 250mg. 


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