Gelato No.1 CBD eliquid with terpenes
CBD eliquids with terpenes

Gelato No.1 CBD Eliquid with Terpenes

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Gelato No.1 is an award winning strain of cannabis, from which it's blend of terpenoids has been extracted to create a unique effect on the user. 

The Green House is made with a full spectrum CBD e-liquid, infused additionally with Gelato terpenes. Therefore this creates a unique flavour that can be enjoyed when vaping and maintain a characteristic experience. 

Green House CBD features:

  • 30ml eliquid
  • 300mg CBD
  • 3% Gelato No.1 Terpenes
  • 60% PG / 40% VG

How do I use CBD eliquid?

CBD eliquids are best used with simple vape pen or starter ecig kits. Our Athena CBD vape kit is perfect with this.

Who would want to use this CBD?

Those seeking the following effect:

Soothing, euphoric, happy, giggly

This eliquid includes the following:

Beta caryophyllene (24%) Limonene (21%). Myrcene (12%) and linalool (10%) make up the most present terpenes in this plant strain.

    The Entourage Effect?

    The use of full spectrum CBD oils, along with additional terpenes provide the user with the potential benefits of the entourage effect. This is the multiple essential oil in one hit approach that is claimed to offer greater rewards than taking isolated CBD on it's own. That's what makes 'The Green House' stand out from other CBD ejuices. The CBD Dispensary's line of CBD products always uses Full Spectrum CBD within it's recipes.