cbd for women #periodproblems

CBD for women created by women

OurRemedy CBD is a female designed, led and focused CBD oil product featuring infusions of Clary Sage and Peppermint. We all have our ups and downs and OurRemedy is there for women with #periodproblems

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best cbd oil for women with endo
Our Remedy | CBD Oil 500mg 10ml
best cbd oil for women with heavy cycles
can cbd help with period pains?
period pain cbd
Can CBD oil help with period pains?

Our Remedy | CBD Oil 500mg 10ml

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Our Remedy | CBD Oil 500mg 10ml

OurRemedy is an all-new CBD brand created and ran by women for period-related issues. We all have our ups and downs and Our Remedy might be able to help! From cramps to mood swings, we understand it all and have created this product to possibly help you with those pesky monthly troubles!

The CBD used in OurRemedy is made from natural, pesticide-free CBD. This CBD contains little to no THC making this product completely legal. This means there is no danger of these oils having a psychoactive effect. For those looking for a natural alternative, this herbal remedy might work for you!


About Our Remedy

OurRemedy is a brand created and run by women. Identifying the positive benefits CBD could potentially have on period-related issues. CBD has the possibility to help with many period-related issues, such as;

  • Mood swings
  • Hormone regulation
  • Cramps
  • Acne and inflammation
  • Migraines

We want to help look after you and promote self-care. However, we are firm believes in self-care, not "selfish" care. That is why we try to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as we can. From production to print and finally to purchase, we have tried to use recyclable materials and services with a low carbon footprint. With boxes made from recycled paper and printed in soy ink. Now also with the option to rebuy the bottle without a plastic dropper and, instead, an aluminum cap in order to re-use the original dropper.

 Our Remedy | CBD Oil 500mg 10ml

FREE Delivery

Whether you are living in the UK, South Africa or Australia, we offer a free shipping service to you no matter the order size.

End Period Poverty

We think self-care does not have to be selfish care, so we will donate compostable sanitary liners with every purchase here, to help fight period poverty. A different biology shouldn't mean different equality.

Plastic Free Refills

As CBD oil bottles have a rubber and plastic dripper, we have worked hard to offer a refill solution that is plastic free. You pay a little less too, if you reuse your old dropper pipette. From the ink to the seal - plastic free!

Chantelle - OurInspo


"Hi, I'm Chantelle and I work day-to-day as a copywriter for CBDStar a CBD retailer online. I found while managing the site, there just was nothing that truly understood the needs of women looking for a natural remedy to cope with period problems. As a woman in work, we are at a biological disadvantage every month and taking chemicals to get by just wasn't something I was cool with. I thought it would be nice to work on something that wasn't just good for me, but great for others too. This is the story of OurRemedy CBD"